Tuesday, 25 September 2012

News Reader Poornima


  1. Nobody is beautiful than my favorite girl pornima.... am great fan of Miss. Poornima.(hope so she will be) and i will not blink my eyes even a second to see her news anchoring...

    On the whole i love her so so much as a fan

  2. Poornima is awesome and Gorgeous.

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  4. A journalist, I presume, should be a hard working, available at all times, on all days, for any programs, take up any challenges and yet meet the code of ethics; on the part of their newscasting, they must read the news for meaning, with proper phrasing and tempo and communicate with vitality, warmth, ease and authority.

    Though PTM is gifted with such personalities like PZI (with perfect inflection & gestures), PBS (in fact I’m a big fan of PBS for her abnormal multiple talents), SS ( sweet facial expressions & wonderful gestures and terrific presentation skills on stage) and RVS (shrewd and focused) in that order, and, VP (he has no parallel at least in PTM, let it be male/female newscasters), 3XL (sorry, I couldn’t recollect his name, so I just mentioned his probable shirt size, hope anyone can make it out now), TC, MKV, KKN, BJI as well, but I would register, genuine to my heart, with my 9 months of streaming PTM, the one who could be a gift to PTM for her sheer involvement, versatility and support to the organization (just my presumption, PTM admin sorry if I’m wrong), the one who could take up programs at ease with tons of smile on her face, is POA. (Sorry –nga Poornima ji, I couldn’t find a better acronym). And I have a great respect for her.

    I would end up stating over all, POA and VP stand out among greats of PTM. Kudos to all.
    POA இருந்துட்டு போறாங்க PBS, எங்களுக்கு நீங்க நீங்கதாங்க PBS.

  5. Beauty poornima you are looking gorgeous

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